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Kitchenmate RO Under the Sink Water Purifier

22,490.00 18,999.00
  • NO UV & UF Filtration Processes
  • TLC Valve
  • Meets Indian Standard Specifications
  • Space Management Specifications
  • 1 year manufacture's warranty

Zero B Eco RO Water Purifier, 9-stage purification, saves 80% water

21,500.00 19,100.00
An RO water purifier that saves 80% more water than regular RO purifiers. It comes with 9-stage of purification process that gives 3 times higher pure water recovery, along with E-health cartridge with ESS protection. Easy to Operate Comes with a fully automated touch interface. Satisfaction of Pure Water Sanitizes the water storage tank 24×7 to prevent germ build-up and provide clean drinking water.

Zero B Suraksha Water Purifier Tap

ZeroB Suraksha safeguards your family against bacteria and viruses from any surfaces of fruits, vegetables, milk packets, and hands as an easy to use water disinfectant. Designed to fit any tap to give 7500 liters iodinated bacteria and virus-free water with a flow rate of 2 liters/min.
  • RESIN Technology
  • Iodine-based resin technology
  • In-built indicator
  • Does not require electricity